The Centre for Quebec and French-Canadian Studies (CQFCS) has moved and is now the Quebec and French Canada Research Network (QaFCaRN) at King’s College London.

As a linguistically and culturally separate entity within the primarily Anglophone subcontinent of North America, Quebec – and French Canada more generally –offers a unique opportunity for cultural and literary research. Over its ten-year existence at the IMLR, the CQFCS sought to advance that research by organising conferences and workshops that brought together local and international specialists across a variety of disciplines.

Although the Centre has changed name to better reflect the aim of creating a permanent hub connecting international scholars and scholarship on French Canada, the QaFCaRN will continue to exercise, and indeed expand, these core activities at King’s College London on the Strand, and so offer a major forum for Quebec culture and its study in the UK. 

As both the QaFCaRN and the ILCS share the fundamental conviction that the study of languages, literatures and cultures is crucial to the understanding of contemporary society, the close association between us will naturally continue.

You can find QaFCaRN here.