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In light of the many challenges that the subject area of Languages, Cultures, and Societies is facing and considering the rapidity with which the Humanities as a whole are changing, ILCS – with the support of UCFL, the BA, and AMLUK – has set up an annual seminar series entitled, ‘Thinking Strategically’. The purpose of the series is to bring researchers in the subject area together to discuss issues of major concern and to ensure that, as a disciplinary community, we can ensure effective, joined-up action at all levels for the future development of the study of languages and cultures. The topics for consideration in the first year of the series are: acting on the views of research community following the work of the AHRC future of languages research initiative; REF 2021 and using impact case studies; sustaining connections with policy makers; working with NGOs and civil society.

Programme 2023-24

30 June 2023, 2-4pm
Acting on the Voices of the Research Community
Chairs: Charles Burdett (ILCS) and Liz Wren-Owens (UCFL)
Speakers: Nicola McLelland (Nottingham); Liam Lewis (Liverpool); Naomi Wells (ILCS); Emanuelle Santos (Birmingham); Becky Muradás-Taylor (Leeds), Abir Hamdar (Durham)
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18 October 2023
Building Collaborations between Academics and Policymakers
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3 November 2023
AMLUK Conference: Impact and Future Research Directions
1.    Building An Impact Case Study
2.    What We Learn From The Impact Case Studies
3.    Building Impact into the Narrative of the Subject Area

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26 January 2024
Working with NGOs and with Civil Society

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31 May 2024
What does the War in Ukraine Mean for Us?