The Cultural Memory Seminar is the main seminar series of the CCM, which takes a specific theme each year. The series invites leading scholars to present the latest in memory studies research. As part of the Institute of Languages, Cultures and Societies (ILCS), the Centre and seminar series is rooted in the interdisciplinary study of modern languages and cultures, and is particularly focused on transcultural memory and its intersections with the wider disciplines of literary studies, history, sociology and the visual arts.

Birkbeck Guilt Group at the CCM (2021- )

In 2021, the CCM established a new partnership with Birkbeck Guilt Working Group, led by James Brown and Sam Ashenden (Birkbeck). The group held several events throughout 2021-22 as part of the CCM’s programme of activities. Please see the CCM Events page for further details.

Recordings of previous events can be found here.

Mediated Memories of Responsibility (2020-21)

The theme for the Cultural Memory Seminar in 2020–21 was Mediated Memories of Responsibility, co-convened by Guido Bartolini (University College Cork/ILCS), Selena Daly (Royal Holloway University of London) and Joseph Ford (ILCS). These seminars took place online throughout 2020 and 2021.

The Mediated Memories of Responsibility theme brought together scholars working on the cultural representation of the violent past of the 20th century across a variety of media and cultures. The seminars examined the contribution of cultural products to exposing the crimes of perpetrators and disseminating a sense of responsibility for the past in relation to events such as colonialism, wars and dictatorships. Interdisciplinary in nature, the seminars explored the construction of the idea of responsibility for past wrongdoings across textual and visual media while addressing ethical questions stemming from the study of past atrocities. Bringing together scholars working across the disciplines, the series aimed to foster a cross-fertilization of ideas and approaches in Modern Languages, History, and Memory Studies.

Speakers for 2020–21 included:

Max Silverman (University of Leeds), Hanna Meretoja (University of Turku), Donald Bloxham (University of Edinburgh), Claire Gorrara (University of Cardiff), Emiliano Perra (University of Winchester), Stephanie Bird (UCL), Uilleam Blacker (UCL), Federica Mazzara (University of Westminster), Damien Short (School of Advanced Study, University of London), Alison Ribeiro de Menezes (University of Warwick), Diana Popa (University of Tallinn), Charles Burdett (IMLR) and Gianmarco Mancosu (University of Warwick).

Recordings of many of the events can be found on the CCM's Podcasts page.  

The seminars received generous support from the Humanities and Arts Research Institute (HARI) of Royal Holloway University of London, and University Council of Modern Languages (UCML).

An edited volume is forthcoming with De Gruyter in their 'Media and Cultural Memory/Medien und kulturelle Erinnerung' series in 2023, co-edited by Guido Bartolini and Joseph Ford.