Cultural Memories is a book series affiliated to the Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory at the Institute of Languages, Cultures and Societies. The work of the Centre is international in scope, and promotes innovative research with a focus on interdisciplinary approaches to memory. Published by Peter Lang, the book series supports the Centre by furthering its research in cultural memory.

Cultural Memories aims to bridge the gap between history, culture and memory, regarding them as complementary and intersecting sets within 'historical culture'. New methodological approaches are encouraged, encompassing a wide range of technologies of memory in cognate fields, including comparative studies, cultural studies, history, languages, literature, media and communication, the visual and performing arts, cognitive and neural science. While the series aims to enhance research in the broad field of memory studies, it also seeks to point in new directions, providing a unique platform for thought-provoking and forward-looking scholarship in the discipline.


    Titles Available/at Press

    1. Migrant Memories. Cultural History, Cinema and the Italian Post-War Diaspora in Britain
      ed. Margherita Sprio
      ISBN 978303430947 [pb] / 9783035305258 [pdf]   [290pp; 2013]
    2. Nation, Memory and Great War Commemoration. Mobilizing the Past in Europe, Australia and New Zealand
      ed. Shanti Sumartojo and Ben Wellings
      ISBN 9783034309370 [pb] / 9783035306040 [eBook]  [329pp; 2014]
    3. Fragile Memory, Shifting Impunity: Commemoration and Contestation in Post-Dictatorship Argentina and Uruguay
      by Cara Levey
      ISBN 9783034309875 [pb] / 9783035394955 [eBook] [xi, 295pp; 2016]
    4. Cold War Cities. History, Culture and Memory
      by Katia Pizzi and Marjatta Hietala
      ISBN 9783034317665 [pb] / 9781787070356 [eBook] [xii, 316pp; 2016]
    5. Commemorating Conflict. Models of Remembrance in Postwar Croatia
      by Renata Schellenberg
      ISBN 9783034319010 [pb] / 97817871254 [eBook] [viii, 180pp; 2016]
    6. Memories of the Future: On Countervision
      by Stephen Wilson and Deborah Jaffé
      ISBN 9783034319355 [pb] [xvi, 284pp; 2017]
    7. Landscapes of Memory: Trauma, Space, History
      by Patrizia Violi
      ISBN 9783034322027 [pb] [x, 324pp; 2017]
    8. Networked Remembrance: Excavating Buried Memories beneath London and Berlin
      by Samuel Merrill
      ISBN 9783034319195 [xx, 408pp; 2018] 
    9. Memory and Postcolonial Studies: Synergies and New Directions
      ed. Dirk Göttsche
      ISBN 9781788744782 [xii, 584pp; 2019]
    10. Geopolitics of Memory and Transnational Citizenship: Thinking Local Development in a Global South
      by Clara Rachel Eybalin Casséus
      ISBN 9781787079786 [xvi, 248pp; 2018]
    11. Borderlands of Memory: Adriatic and European Perspectives
      ed. by Borut Klabjan 
      ISBN 9781788741347 [xii, 316pp; 2019]
    12. Kaliningrad and Cultural Memory. Cold War and Post-Soviet Representations
      of a Resettled City

      by Edward Saunders
      ISBN 9781787072749 [viii, 312pp; 2019]
    13. Memory and the Trevi Fountain. Flows of Political Power in Media Performance
      by Pamela Krist
      ISBN 9781788740142 [xx, 328pp; 2020]
    14. Hitler and Mussolini in Churches. The Chaurch Painter's Subversion of Fascism: The Ideological Marking of Space along the Slovene-Italian Border 
      by Egon Pelikan
      ISBN 9781789971491 [xxviii, 310pp; 2020]
    15. Artistic Expressions and the Great War, A Hundred Years On
      ed. by Sally Debra Charnow
      ISBN 9781789974041 [xviii, 344pp; 2021]
    16. The Heritage of a Transit Camp. Fossoli: History, Memory, Aesthetics
      ed. by Matteo Cassani Simonetti, Roberta Mira and Daniele Salerno
      ISBN 9781789979046 [xxvi, 328pp; 2021]
    17. Picturing Ghosts: Memories, Traces and Prophesies of Rebellion in Postdictatorship Chilean Film
      by Struan Gray
      ISBN 9781800791190 [x, 240pp; 2022]