Isabella Santacroce was born on 30 April 1970 in Riccione, where she lives. She is a writer of ecstasy; her projects represent the ecstatic overcoming of conventions.

Isabella Santacroce
Isabella Santacroce

She published her first literary work, Fluo, in 1995. The novels Destroy and Luminal completed her first trilogy. Bestselling author Alessandro Baricco declared that Destroy is ‘a book to read’, and praised Santacroce’s talent. She was associated with the 1990s’ Italian literary group Giovani Cannibali (Young Cannibals).The writer and critic Cesare Garboli stated that she is one of the 50 most representative authors of the second half of the 20th century, for her ‘high quality, hypnotic, enchanting, and in all respects “hallucinogenic”’ prose.In 1998, she published Kurt Cobain e Courtney Love. Canzoni maledette (Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Cursed Songs), a collection of translations of selected lyrics by the rock-bands Nirvana and Hole. The following year, she started a long-lasting collaboration with her friend, the famous singer Gianna Nannini. She later collaborated with artists Cosimo Damiano Damato and Giovanni Block Quartet in the theatre performance Via Crucis. She was interviewed several times on Italian television, shocking her interviewers and audience with her sarcastic and cryptic answers, theatrical gestures and gothic outfit.

In the 2000s she started a trilogy intended as a new divine comedy, with V.M. 18 and Lulù Delacroix.

Compiled by Matthew Mild (Bangor)


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Interviews/in the Media

Iannozzi, Isabella: Intervista a Isabella Santacroce (29 March 2006) available online at

Isabella Santacroce (Bergamo TV, 2013) available online at