Welcome to the CCWW author pages – a useful resource for anyone interested in or researching women authors writing after 1968 in Catalan, Galician, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. To date there are about 90 author pages available to view, which provide information on the writers’ lives, their evolution as writers and major themes in their work, lists of their work including translations into foreign languages, critical works, interviews and other media appearances. Pages are grouped according to the language in which the author writes.

Our author pages are compiled by a global community of scholars and coordinated by experts in women’s writing of the featured languages, supported by doctoral researchers or early career academics. We are always looking to expand the range of writers covered and for volunteers to compile pages. Compilers are offered Associate Membership of the CCWW and their biobibliographies listed in the People section of the Centre’s webpages. If you would like to compile an author page, please contact the appropriate language coordinator in the first instance – their contact details are given on the relevant language page. 

Author pages are being continuously updated. 

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