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Latin America was born liberal; the products of, and experiments in, political philosophies and forms of government forged in the fire of the Enlightenment. Of course, this liberalism was not applied evenly, and many throughout Latin America were and continue to be denied full access to what its original champions promised to deliver. Today neo-liberal economic prescriptions have been embraced in some countries but are openly rejected in others, while ‘political’ liberalism faces competition from a number of alternatives. And yet, for these very reasons, liberalism remains the key referent in current debates on the economic and political direction that the nations of Latin America should take. As in earlier periods, the primacy of liberalism today is contested but its centrality to the economic and political identity of Latin America is clear.

The library contains key annotated texts that shaped liberal thought such as political pamphlets, judicial records, and political ephemera. To begin searching the Digital Library, click on the links opposite.

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