Bust of Taino chief Cacique Mabodamaca in Isabela, Puerto Rico.


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The collections hold a rich body of historical, archaeological, archival and contemporary sources on the region's indigenous inhabitants, their encounters with Europeans and the early colonial period. 

Key catalogue subject themes: Caribbean Area Indigenous Peoples ; Carib Indians ; Taino Indians ; Taino Indians Religion And Mythology ; Indians Of The West Indies History ; Indians First Contact With Europeans ; Indians Of The West Indies First Occidental Contact

The Amerindian Antilles



The school’s libraries offer a concise overview of the archaeological Caribbean. For a more specialised collection visit the nearby UCL library: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/archaeology/about/library

'New World’ Encounters, Invasion and Colonisation

Spanish Invasion

  • 42 volume series on Spanish invasion and settlement (1490s-1520) - Colección de documentos inéditos : relativos al descubrimiento, conquista y organización de las antiguas posesiones españolas de América y Oceanía, sacados de los archivos del reino, y muy especialmente del de Indias. Competentemente autorizada.

[ 'Collection of unpublished documents: relating to discovery, conquest, and organization of the ancient Spanish possessions in America and Oceania, drawn from the archives of the Kingdom, and particularly of the Indies. Competently authorized' ]


Early Travel Accounts

The Hakluyt Society – publishers of 1st hand historic travel accounts

The Anglo-Spanish wars

The Anglo-French Wars


'Carib War' Saint Vincent