'Women and Education': Women in The Caribbean Project, Vol. 5 cover art. Cave Hill, Barbados (1982)


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The collections have a wealth of materials that focus on gender, sexuality and kinship throughout the region. These include works from literature, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies and social policy. Thematically, these focus on Caribbean kinship / family studies, women and gender, men and gender and LGBTQ. These materials are presented in this order as it reflects the chronology of their emergence on the scholarly agenda of the region. 

Key catalogue subject themes:

Caribbean Area Women Economic Conditions / Women Caribbean Area Social Conditions ;  Caribbean Area Women History Caribbean Area Women Social Conditions Caribbean Area Gender Identity Caribbean Area Family Caribbean Area Feminism. 


Kinship studies






Women and gender

Women in the Caribbean Project Papers

The WICP (1979-1982) was a ground-breaking female-centred research project by the University of The West Indies that sought to better understand the lived realities of women in the Anglophone region. The goal was to develop a multidisciplinary economic, historical and social research agenda that could provide policy recommendations to counter numerous problems that Caribbean women face - http://www.jstor.org/stable/27862837

Further Anglophone Feminist Interjections

Francophone Feminist Interjections

Hispanic Feminist Interjections

Regional Feminist Interjections

Men and gender


LGBTQ in the Caribbean


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