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The Caribbean studies collections at the Institute of Historical Research, the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and Senate House libraries are some of the largest and most varied in the UK. They are transdisciplinary in scope, covering anthropology, archaeology, history, law, literature, social policy, sociology and political theory. Their main strengths relate to the former British West Indies, but rare materials from the Francophone/Kreyol, Hispanic and Dutch speaking Caribbean are important highlights.

This guide offers a concise introduction to the collections and some of their main strengths. It intends to be indicative of materials held in the collections rather than exhaustive. 

The guide is organised under the following thematic headings for ease of navigation and use:

With the following addenda: 

The guide was created by Dr Adom Philogene Heron on behalf of the Centre for Integrated Caribbean Research and The Institute of Latin American Studies. 






Worthy of special note are the various archives, subject guides, periodicals, seminar series' and theses that feature in the collections. Many include original sources that are entirely unique to the University of London.  

Colonial, Post-independence and Commonwealth Law Guides

Colonial, Post-independence and Commonwealth Law Guides

IALS have rich subject guides for legal research on Jamaica and a host of Caribbean Commonwealth countries. 


A host of newspapers, journals, lecture/seminar series papers and 
podcasts focused on the Caribbean. http://bit.ly/2tbUUny

The CLR James Papers

Numerous original letters, personal papers, pamphlets and ephemera by James,
a renowned historian, political philosopher and once secretary of the West Indies
Federation: http://archives.ulrls.lon.ac.uk/resources/ICS40.pdf

The Heisler Collection of Political Materials

A vast collection of 25,000 books, 20,000 pamphlets, 3,000 journal and newspaper
titles and a quantity of ephemera, relating to radical political movements and political
expression in the arts - including numerous Caribbean materials: http://bit.ly/2srpudA

The Political Pamphlets Archive

An extensive archive of political materials and ephemera: http://catalogue.ulrls.lon.ac.uk/search~S17

The Slavery Subject Guide

A guide to the libraries’ archives about slavery from the Institute of Commonwealth
Studies (ICOMM): http://bit.ly/2rHmlsS 

University of London Caribbean Postgraduate Seminar Papers

Numerous papers by leading Caribbeanist scholars given at the Caribbean
Postgraduate Seminar series between the 1980s and 90s at ICOMM and ILAS: http://bit.ly/2u5Kfhm

University of London Theses

Numerous caribbean focused Phd and Masters theses undertaken at UoL: http://bit.ly/2tmBDEb