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Jamille Pinheiro Dias

Dr Jamille Pinheiro Dias

Co-Director of the Environmental Humanities Research Hub
Lecturer in Latin American and Caribbean Studies/CLACS Director

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Newton International Fellows

Past Visiting Fellows


Dr Pablo Jaramillo
Toxic Transitions in Columbia [March-July 2023]

Professor Catherine Krull
Post-1989 Cuban Migration: Unsettling the Frame [February-May 2023]

Dr Brigid Lynch
Everyday Wonderlands: Theme Parks in Argentina and Beyond [October 2022-March 2023]

Dr Daniel Mandur Thomaz
Entagled Materialities: Cultures of Extraction and Regional Environments in Venezuela, 1895-1980 [October 2022-June 2023]

Micaele Moreira
Politics in Perspective. Transformations of Politics during the Argentine Crisis of 2011-2003 [October 2022-July 2023]

Jacob Norris
The Palestinian Americas: Revolution and Survival in the Global South, 1959-92 [September-December 2022]

Dr Catie Peters
Afro-Asian Histories, Ecologies, and Intimacies in the Early 19th-Century Caribbean [September-December 2022]

Dr Jeferson Scabio
Maternal Voices: Narrating State Violence in Rio de Jeneiro [March-July 2023]

Dr Richard Smith
Cultural Resistance to Dictatorship in Chile: Students, Posters, and Music [October 2022-July 2023]


Dr Oscar Webber
Building a Workers’ Movement from the Wreckage: Contrasting Responses to the Belizean Hurricane of 1931 [January-June 2022]


Eve Hayes de Kalaf
(Re)organising Citizens: Race, Registrations and Legal Identity in Contemporary Latin America and the Caribbean [January-June 2020]

Dr Manoela Carpenedo
Zionist Sensibilities in Evangelical Politics in Latin America? An Analysis of Christian Zionist Digital Landscapes in Brazil and Colombia [January-June 2020]


Dr Camila Gatica Mizala
Controlling the Body: Decency in Argentina, 1850-1945 [September-December 2017]

Dr Helen Melling
Hidden in Plain Sight: Visualizing Black Subjects in Late Colonial and 19th-Century Peru [September-December 2017]

Dr Jessica Sklair
Impact Investing in Brazil: Reshaping the Latin American Development Agenda in Pursuit of Financial and Social Return [November 2017-May 2018]


Dr Giuliana Borea
'New Art Worlds?: The Differential Assemblage of Latin American Art and Paradoxes of Participation [November 2016-April 2017]

Dr Elena McGrath
The Devil in the Mines: Workers, Democracy, and Natural Resources in Bolivia, 1970-2000 [November 2016-April 2017]

Dr Jack Webb
Ideas About Haiti and the Decolonisation of Jamaica, 1945-62 [January-June 2017]


Dr Kathryn Santner
Transpacific Sisters: Art and the Lived Experience of Peruvian and Philippine Religious Women [January-July 2016]

Dr Amy Penfield
Experiences of Petrol in a Petro-State [October 2015-June 2016]

Dr Niall Geraghty
A Sign of Contradiction: Liberation and Salvation in the Work of León Ferrari [October-December 2015]


Dr Asa Cusack
The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) and the Dilemmas of Post-Neoliberal Development in Latin America and the Caribbean [October 2014-March 2015]

Dr Hilary Francis
‘Lifting the veil of ignorance’? Cuban Teachers in Revolutionary Nicaragua [December 2014-July 2015]


Dr Michela Coletta
Spatializing History, Historizing Space: Nature and Modernity in Latin America [December 2013-July 2014]

Dr Kris Juncker
Internationalist Cuba: Visual Culture and Cultural Outreach [October 2013-June 2014]

Dr Malayna Raftopoulos
Tourism and Climate Change in Peru: Adapting a Framework for Action [October 2013-June 2014]

Dr Matt Wilde
Democracy and Polarisation in Post-Chavez Venezuela [October 2013-June 2014]


Dr Rosie Doyle
Politiking and the Discourse of Rights in Mexico [January-June 2013]

Dr Ainhoa Montoya
The Political Economy of the Transition to Democracy in El Salvador [January-June 2013]

Dr Tom Packer
Jesse Helms, the Rise of Southern Republicanism and the End of the Old South [October 2012-May 2013]

Dr Annabel Pinker
Getting Round the State: Bypass Politics in the Peruvian Andes [October 2012-May 2013]

Dr Mattia Toaldo
The US Foreign Policy Elite and the Transitions Towards Democracy in the Arab World [October 2012-May 2013]