Strange Bedfellows! Satire between the Covers of Hans Sachs's 'Der verdorben edelman mit dem weichen Beht' (2021 Friends of Germanic Studies Lecture)

Sylvia Naish Visiting Fellow Sharon Baker gives the 2021 Friends of Germanic Studies Lecture. In her talk based on the second part of Hans Sachs’s play ‘Der verdorben Edelman mit dem weichen Beht’, she analyses the intricate use of satire and symbolism in the 'Fastnachtspiel', and explores how the bed reflects the ups and downs of the Nuremberg court and society in the sixteenth century.

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Author: Institute of Modern Languages Research

Speaker(s): Sharon Baker (Sylvia Naish Visiting Fellow, IMLR); Chair: Godela Weiss-Sussex (IMLR)

Event date: Friday, 24 September 2021