The Second and Third Generation. Experiences of the Descendants of Refugees from National Socialism. 5. Film

Triennial Conference of the Research Centre for German & Austrian Exiles Studies, IMLR, University of London.

It has long been recognised that the experiences of refugees from National Socialism, their persecution, incarceration, hiding, emigration, resettlement, further migration, trauma and later lives has had an impact on their children and grandchildren. This conference explores this in all its facets and different expressions and focuses both on the relationship between the generations as well as the specific differences between generations.

Author: Institute of Languages, Cultures and Societies

Speaker(s): Sue Vice (Sheffield): ‘Filming her Mother: Chantal Akerman as Second-Generation Artist’; Odeya Kohen Raz (Sapir Academic College/Israel Open University/Tel Aviv University): ‘Arnon Goldfinger's "The Flat" (2011): Ethics and Aesthetics in Third-Generation Holocaust Cinema’

Organisations: Institute of Languages, Cultures and Societies

Event date: Thursday, 11 March 2021 - 11:25am