Launch of 'Languages, Society & Policy'
Relaunch of 'Languages, Society and Policy'

Dora Alexopoulou (Cambridge)
Leanne Henderson (Queen's University Belfast)
Wendy Ayres-Bennett (Cambridge)
Ludovica Serratrice (Reading)
Charles Burdett (IMLR, London)
Michelle MacLeod (Aberdeen)

Originating from the OWRI project MEITS, Languages, Society and Policy (LSP) has provided a vital space for interventions on language policy and on the direction of the subject area as a whole. Following the end of the OWRI funding scheme, LSP is now supported by the IMLR, the Linguistics Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Philological Society, and the University Council of Modern Languages. Going forward, the aim of the journal is to enhance the visibility and the policy directed work of the disciplinary field. The editorial team of the LSP will discuss aims of the journal and how it can most effectively serve the subject field.

A panel of LSP contributors will discuss the following questions: what are the key areas of policymaking in which research in languages can have an impact? What obstacles do we need to overcome to impact on policy? How do we build a coordinated strategy as academics across disciplines for policy impact? The panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A when the audience can contribute with comments and questions.

Event date: 5 July 2022 - 3pm

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