Re-Educating German PoWs after the Second World War. 2021 Being Human Festival Online Café

By 1946 there were thousands of German prisoners of war in British camps awaiting repatriation, many of them convinced Nazi supporters. A government re-education programme aimed to counter Nazi indoctrination and spread democratic values, but what was it like in practice for those who taught in the camps and provided books to PoWs? The virtual café begins with a short quiz revealing some astounding facts, after which Jennifer Taylor and Clare George look at the archives of some German refugee educationalists who contributed to the programme.

Author: Institute of Languages, Cultures and Societies

Speaker(s): Jennifer Taylor (Research Centre for German & Austrian Exile Studies, IMLR); Clare George (Miller Archivist, IMLR/Senate House Library); Contributions by Charmian Brinson, Margaret Ives, Lori Straus.

Organisations: Institute of Languages, Cultures and Societies

Event date: Friday, 12 November 2021 - 5:00pm