Gaitkrash Presents ‘Killing Stella’. Watch a Discussion with the Filmmakers and the Video

Stella is dead, the funeral is over and Anna’s husband, Richard, has taken the children to his mother’s for the weekend. Alone at last, Anna has two days ahead of her to make sense of the catastrophe that ensues when she takes the 19-year-old Stella into her home. She can’t help the baby bird in the garden screeching for its mother but she could have helped Stella. ‘Why did nothing warn me on that September evening when Stella came to us?’ It is an unflinching story of collusion in abuse, and the price that has to be paid for remaining silent.
‘Killing Stella’ was adapted from Marlen Haushofer’s novella 'Wir töten Stella' (Austria, 1958) by the theatre company Gaitkrash, first for the stage, and then for the online medium. In this Q&A Bernadette Cronin (translator/adaptor/performer) and Regina Crowley (artistic director) engage in a discussion about what drew them to the novella, and the ways in which they approached both the stage and video versions.


Author: Institute of Modern Languages Research

Speaker(s): Bernadette Cronin (Gaitkrash/Cork); Regina Crowley (Gaitkrash); Andrea Capovilla (IMLR)

Organisations: Institute of Modern Languages Research

Event date: Wednesday, 19 May 2021 - 11:15am