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Erna Pinner's Graphic and Literary Production in London Exile: An Example of Cultural and Ideological Transference

This seminar focuses on the analysis of Erna Pinner's graphic and literary work, with particular emphasis on how the ideological discourse that influenced her work during the interwar period is transferred to her artistic production during her years of exile in London. It is thus seen how the naturalistic works that Pinner conceived during her exile show clear signs of a break with regard to the literary genre and the graphic concept employed during her previous avant-garde period. However, this aesthetic transformation is not coupled with any ideological evolution, since the social-Darwinist discourse remains in her naturalist work.

Dolors Sabaté Planes is Professor of Modern and Contemporary German Literature at the University of Santiago de Compostela, and a Martin Miller and Hannah Norbert-Miller Visiting Fellow at the Research Centre for German & Austrian Exile Studies at the Institute.

Speaker: Dolors Sabaté Planes (Santiago de Compostela); Moderation: Jana Buresova (RCGAES); Additional discussants: Monica Bohm-Duchen; Martina Emonts; Kathryn Sederberg; Godela Weiss-Sussex.

Date of Event: 29 June 2022