Annett Gröschner and Katy Derbyshire (December 2015)

This event brings together the Berlin writer Annett Gröschner and her translator Katy Derbyshire. Whether in her essays, feuilleton pieces, short stories or her novels (Moskauer Eis [2002]; Walpurgistag [2011]), Annett Gröschner brings to life Berlin’s ‘Alltagsgeschichte’ and the city’s unique language, culture and atmosphere. She reads from her work and discusses with Katy Derbyshire the particular challenges it presents for translation.

Speakers: Annett Gröschner; Katy Derbyshire. Moderation: Godela Weiss-Sussex (IMLR)

Event date: 15 December 2015

The event is sponsored by the Keith Spalding Bequest. The series is organised in conjunction with the University of Nottingham