A Revindication of Haitian Futures: Beyond Disaster Discourses

A Revindication of Haitian Futures: Beyond Disaster Discourses

Speaker: Mimi Sheller (Dean of the Global School at Worcester Polytechnic Institute) Chair: Shodona Kettle (UCL Institute of the Americas)

The Republic of Haiti has been through many trials and tribulations in recent times, including the recent earthquake and the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, as well as the ongoing aftermaths of the 2010 earthquake. Climate change has also brought hurricanes, droughts, flooding and landslides. The international community often finds it easy to slip into a "disaster discourse" which depicts Haiti as a problem to be solved and Haitians as victims to be rescued, or souls to be saved, hovering somewhere between resignation and resilience. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. In this talk I seek to re-situate external interpretations of Haiti's predicament(s) through the lens of Haitian history and struggles, and its context within the wider Caribbean community. How can we re-frame Haiti's future through a more positive understanding of its past and present situation?


Date: 25 October 2021