Sarah MacDougall (MA, Reading) is Head of Collections and the Ben Uri Research Unit for the Study of the Jewish and Immigrant Contribution to British Visual Art since 1900 at Ben Uri Gallery and Museum. Related exhibitions include: Forced Journeys: Artists in Exile, c. 1933-45 (2009); Refugees: the Lives of Others (2017) and Finchleystrasse: German Artists in Exile in Great Britain and Beyond (2018). Publications include: [with Rachel Dickson and Ulrike Smalley] 'High and Low Art produced in the Isle of Man Internment Camps during World War II' in Cultural Heritage and Prisoners of War: Creativity Behind Barbed Wire ed. by G. Carr and H. Mytum (London, 2011); '“Separate Spheres of Endeavour”: Experiencing the Émigré Network in Britain, c. 1933-45'  in Netzwerke des Exils: Künstleriche Verflechtungen, Austausch und Patronage nach 1933 ed. by B. Dogramici and K. Wimmer (Berlin, 2011); ‘“Looks Like Tomato Soup and Smells Faintly of Vanilla”: Paul Hamman’s Life Mask of Lion Feuchtwanger’ (International Feuchtwanger Society Newsletter, 17); [with Rachel Dickson] 'Fred Feigl in England, 1939–1965: “Modern Art is a Sputnik”' in Friedrich Feigl: The Eye Sees the World (Cheb, CZ, 2016);  ‘“Meine Heimat is in my heart and my head”: Women Artists in Exile – Eva Frankfurther and Susan Einzig’ in Gender and Exile (Yearbook of the Research Centre for German & Austrian Exile Studies, 2017); [ed. with Marian Malet, Rachel Dickson and Anna Nyburg] Applied Arts in British Exile from 1933: Changing Visual and Material Culture (Yearbook of the Research Centre for German & Austrian Exile Studies, 2018); '”The Craftsman’s Sympathy: Bernhard Baer, Ganymed and Oskar Kokoschka’s King Lear’ (Yearbook of the Research Centre for German & Austrian Exile Studies, 2018); [with Rachel Dickson] 'Mapping Finchleystrasse: Mitteleuropa in North West London' in Arrival Cities: Migrating Artists and New Metropolitan Topographies in the 20th Century ed. by Burcu Dogramaci, Mareike Hetschold, Laura Karp Lugo, Rachel Lee and Helene Roth (Louvain, 2020/