Memnon, Andromeda, and Chariclea: Exploring Migration and Blackness Amongst Northeast African Diaspora Communities of London through Ancient Greek Storytelling

Mai Musie  is an ancient historian and a public engagement professional. She received her PhD in Ancient History from Swansea University in 2019. Her research explores race and ethnicity in the ancient world; she investigates how the ‘other’ is represented in ancient Greek and Roman literary sources. Mai is passionate about exploring the interconnectivity between the ancient Mediterranean world and North-East Africa and has worked with higher education institutions, and charitable-voluntary organisations, managing a diverse range of access and outreach programmes. She has organised and consulted on history and heritage projects that foster co-curation, co-production, and building equitable relationships between communities and researchers. During her SAS-ICS Fellowship, she will be working with the Ethiopian-Eritrean diaspora communities to explore themes of forced migration, exile, and blackness by using classical mythological stories centring black ‘Ethiopian’ voices as a vehicle.