Jack Arscott is a graduate of the ILCS, where he is currently preparing to turn his PhD thesis into a monograph. To this end, he is the recipient of a Research Scholarship in Modern European Languages from the Modern Humanities Research Association for the academic year 2023-2024. The thesis revealed the existence of an enlightened patriotic idiom in the weekly left-wing journal Die Weltbühne, challenging the received wisdom that patriotism in the Weimar Republic was an exclusively right-wing phenomenon that paved the way for the extremist nationalism of the Nazi regime. Jack will be hosted by ILCS for the duration of his scholarship and has a long-standing interest in inter-war Germanophone writing, dating back to his undergraduate dissertation at the University of Leeds on the exiled writers Ernst Toller, Joseph Roth and Stefan Zweig. His MPhil thesis at the University of Cambridge explored depictions of masculinity in crisis in the novels of the Weimar period, taking in Irmgard Keun, Erich Kästner and Hans Fallada via a detour into the work of Heinrich Mann. [October 2022-July 2023]