Dr Jennifer Taylor (Minutes Secretary) is an independent researcher who has published extensively on Exile in Great Britain. Her articles on the exile press include ‘"Something to make people laugh?”: Political Content in the Isle of Man Internment Camp Journals, July-October 1940’ in ‘Totally Un-English?': Britain’s Internment of 'Enemy Aliens' in Two World Wars (Yearbook of the Research Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies, 2005); ‘Zeitspiegel, Young Austria, Austrian News. Die Pressearbeit des Austrian Centre’ in Wien – London, Hin und Retour: Das Austrian Centre in London 1939 bis 1947 ed. by M. Bearman et al. (Vienna, 2004). Publications on radio propaganda include ‘Grete Fischer: “Outside Writer” for the BBC’ in Stimme der Wahrheit? (Yearbook of the Research Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies, 2003); ‘The Propagandists’ Propagandist: Bruno Adler’s “Kurt und Willi” Dialogues as Expression of British Propaganda Objectives’ in Immortal Austria (Yearbook of the Research Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies, 2006) while her contribution to the Centre’s triennial Conference held in 2011 was a paper on ‘Die Zwei Genossen’, the Cold War sequel to Adler’s ‘Kurt und Willi’ series. Other research interests include German-speaking Czechs exiled in Great Britain. She has published several articles on Ernst Sommer and Ludwig Winder, and is currently working on the internment of so-called ‘Enemy Aliens’ in the Second World War; ‘”We Have More Than Enough”’, her study of conditions in Huyton Internment Camp in 1940 appeared in the Liverpool History Society Journal in 2009 and an edited series of eye-witness accounts from that camp entitled Civilian Internment in Britain during WW2: Huyton Camp appeared in 2012. Re-Educating German Prisoners of War after WWII appeared in 2018. Her most recent publications are: 'Huyton: a Transit Camp near Liverpool' in British Internment and the Internment of Britons: Second World War Camps, History and Heritage ed. by Gilly Carr and Rachel Pistol (London/New York/Dublin: Bloomsbury, 2023) and 'The Contribution of Andreas Mytze – Bookseller, Publisher and Publicist – to Exile Literature and Exile Studies in Great Britain' (Oxford German Studies, 52.3, 2023).