Capturing Medieval London: Framing and Perspective

Charlotte Rudman works on the poetry of Chaucer in the fields of contemporary medievalism, sound studies, materialism and speculative fiction. Her current research project, ‘Capturing Medieval London: Framing and Perspective’, uncovers the remaining material fragments of medieval London through contemporary photography. The project seeks to expose the connections between the Middle Ages, and Chaucer’s time especially, and now through the viewing perspective of the photographer and through photographic documentation. Critically, it seeks to offer new understandings of how medieval London exists in and through places that are layered temporally – and it argues that the photograph reveals how these places are framed in the contemporary. She received her PhD thesis entitled ‘Listening to Dreams: Sound in Chaucer’s Dream Vision Poetry’ from King’s College London in 2022. The work examined Chaucer’s knowledge of the science of sound in his dream vision and dream vehicle poems, arguing that Chaucer’s scientific knowledge of echo and motion were key to his construction of dreams. She has appeared on a special programme for BBC Radio 4 entitled A Dream Vision for Our Times, taught on modules across the Middle Ages at KCL and published her own poetry with The Still Point, The Royal Society of Literature and in Glean & Graft, an anthology from Fresher Publishing.