Dr Áine McGillicuddy is Assistant Professor in German and Children's /Young Adult Literature Studies at Dublin City University. Since completing her doctoral thesis on politics and cultural identity in the works of bilingual Alsatian writer René Schickele (1883-1940) at Trinity College Dublin, she has focused more recently on child exile narratives spanning the Nazi era to the present day. She is co-editor of Politics and Ideology in Children's Literature (2014) and has published articles and book chapters on literary and visual portrayals of child exiles’ experiences. Áine was the recipient of a German Foreign Ministry three-month research fellowship at the International Youth Library, Munich in 2014. For over ten years, she was a committee member of the Irish Society for the Study of Children's Literature (ISSCL) and the Irish branch of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). From 2017 to 2020, she was Director of the Research Centre for Translation and Textual Studies at Dublin City University. She became the Irish representative on the Women in German Studies committee (UK and Ireland) in May 2022. During her Martin Miller and Hannah Norbert-Miller Visiting Fellowship, she will conduct research for her current project entitled ‘Fact and Fiction: Child Exile Narratives for a Juvenile Readership in the 21st century’.