Writing and the West German Protest Movements: The Textual Revolution
by Mererid Puw Davies
imlr books, vol. 11,  282 pp.
PDF 978-0-85457-276-2

The 1960s protest movements marked an astonishing moment for West Germany. They developed a political critique, but are above all distinctive for their overwhelming emphasis on culture and the symbolic. In particular, reading and writing had a uniquely prestigious status for West German protesters, who produced an extraordinary textual culture ranging from graffiti and flyers to agit-prop poetry and autobiographical prose. 

Television Drama in Spain and Latin America: Genre and Format Translation
by Paul Julian Smith
imlr books, vol. 12, 226 pp.
PDF: 978-0-85457-277-9

While much research has been carried out on both TV formats and remakes in the English-speaking world, almost nothing has been published on the huge and dynamic Spanish-speaking sector. This book discusses and analyses series since 2000 from Spain (in both Spanish and Catalan), Mexico, Venezuela, and (to a lesser extent) the US, employing both empirical research on production and distribution and textual analysis of content.