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Earlier this year ten short plays were commissioned by the Argentine Association of Translators and Interpreters and the Diplomatura en Dramaturgia at the Centro Cultural Paco Urondo de Facultad de Filosofía y Letras at the University of Buenos Aires. Surprising, moving, funny and disturbing, each of them explores our desire to communicate with ease in the age of Covid-19 through video calls and social media platforms, while still being so very far apart. 

They were then translated over a week by groups working in Britain, Argentina and Venezuela as part of the Argentine and British collaboration Exploring Theatre Translation, with excerpts of each presented at a highly successful event at the end of July. 

Now Out of the Wings and the Institute of Modern Languages Research are producing rehearsed readings of all ten plays in English translation as part of the Argentine, British and Mexican Poor Connection online festival. Featuring leading actors from across Europe and beyond and directed by Jack Tarlton, each play will be performed on Zoom on Sunday evenings throughout the autumn. 

13th September, 7pm BST

Privacy Settings (¿Qué ordenador? ¿El bahiut?) 

By Analía Malvido. Translated by Colaboratorio Ávila

20th September, 7pm BST

Live (Vivo) 

By Grupo E.L.D.A. Translated by Colaboratorio Ávila 

27th September, 7pm BST

Catch Up (Un encuentro)

 By Valeria Di Toto. Translated by Jennifer Wood, Lorna Dillon and Lucy Phelps 

11th October, 7pm BST

This is What Happened with Sophie During Val's Online Class  (La clase online de vale donde pasó lo que pasó con Sofi) 
By Lucien Gilabert. Translated by Roxana Fuentes and Paula Mascheroni 

18th October, 7pm BST

Sisters (Hermanas)
By Guido Zappacosta. Translated by Natalia Espinel-Quintero, Georgiana Popa and Elton Uliana 

25th October, 7pm GMT

The East (Oriente)
By Claudia Quiroga. Translated by Malena Finkelstein and Patricia Colombera

1st November, 7pm GMT

Fresh Air (El viento en la cara) 
By Nicolás Marina. Translated by Andrew Shaw and Yesica Terceros 

15th November, 7pm GMT

I Feel Pandemic (Estoy Pandemia)  
By Pedro Gundesen. Translated by Sebastían Gutiérrrez and Valeria Wald 

22nd November, 7pm GMT

The Rebirth of the Retired Dream (La resurrección del deseo jubilado) 
By Julieta Victoria Timossi. Translated by Julie Ann Ward and Ella McCarthy

29th November, 7pm GMT

A Matter of Distance (Un problema de distancia) 

By Sebastián Villar Rojas. Translated by Paola Medrano and Mariana Pessino

The readings will be followed by a Q&A. Each event will last 1 hour. Please note that times change from BST to GMT on Sunday 25th October. 

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This event is a collaboration between Out of the Wings, Kings College London, the Open World Research Initiative’s Cross-Language Dynamics: Reshaping Community and Language Acts and Worldmaking projects, the Argentine Association of Translators and Interpreters and Diplomatura en Dramaturgia del Centro Cultural Paco Urondo de Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad de Buenos Aires.