We are looking for a PhD student or early career researcher who is fluent in Spanish and English and has knowledge of Latin American Law traditions to provide translation support on a research project database. The database is part of the British Academy/GCRF-funded project ‘The Juridification of Resource Conflicts: Legal Cultures, Moralities and Environmental Politics in Central America’, which examines legal and legal-like practices involved in resource conflicts in Central America and Mexico. Take a look at the database here. We are translating the database into Spanish, so the job will involve correcting errors in the automated translation and ensuring legal terms and quotes are accurate. This is a paid job and the work needs to be completed in September 2021. If you are interested, have the right skills and time available please contact Dr Rupert Knox at rupert.knox@sas.ac.uk by 31 August 2021 with your CV and a cover letter.