Friday 14 January 2022


Translation is an activity subject to various constraints, both inherent to the practice of translating, and relative to the general conditions of international cultural exchanges.

This is the topic volume 10.2 of Francosphères (LUP) addresses in a special issue entitled Translating Constraints. To do so, it adopts a multi-disciplinary approach by assembling contributions from sociologists, literary theorists, translation specialists and professional translators, writing about plurilingualism and literature, French official translation policies, French theatre in China, the translation of martial arts fiction, and translating constrained fiction. The issue speaks to debates about literature and globalization and will be of particular interest to scholars in modern languages, translation studies and comparative literature.

The volume arises from the AHRC-funded research project ‘Literature under Constraint’ led by Dominic Glynn and Sébastien Lemerle.

Contributors: Chris Clarke; Dominic Glynn; Marcella Frisani; Wang Kailun; Sébastien Lemerle; Tristan Leperlier; Andrea Masumeci; Qu Qifei; Liang Xiaoyan.

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