Five new Fellows are set to join the School of Advanced Study (SAS) through the Inclusion, Participation and Engagement fellowship programme. Darya Tsymbalyuk, Kevin Amoke, Mai Musie, Helen King and Charlotte Rudman will join SAS in October, and will be based in the Institute of Classical Studies (ICS), Institute of English Studies (IES), and Institute of Languages, Cultures and Societies (ILCS).

ICS, IES and ILCS have been enhancing the extent to which they work together across all spheres of their activity. The intention is to ensure that this collaboration benefits the subject areas that they serve and strengthens the ability of the institutes to pursue agendas that lie at the heart of the mission of the School of Advanced Study.

One such agenda is the support of participatory and inclusive research across the humanities. While the question of inclusivity is intrinsic to every kind of research, some researchers are addressing societal challenges, including addressing structural inequalities, through work in partnership and collaboration with communities beyond the university. This research is vitally important, but the expertise and connections to address it do not necessarily lie within the walls of the traditional academy.

Thanks to funding from Research England (RE), the fellowship was established in 2022 as a way to scope new possibilities for engaged humanities practice. Following the success of this first phase of the fellowship, the School has received renewed funding to expand the programme into its second year, supporting five early career researchers from October 2023. Each brings specific expertise and practice in inclusive and participatory research to their projects:

  • Dr Darya Tsymbalyuk. More-than-human communities and environmental impacts of Russia’s war on Ukraine
  • Dr Kevin Amoke. Interludes: refugee worlding in postcolonial literatures and life writing
  • Dr Mai Musie. Memnon, Andromeda, and Chariclea: Exploring Migration and Blackness Amongst Northeast African diaspora communities of London through ancient Greek storytelling
  • Dr Helen King. New Home: How can children become active participants in literary research into refugee narratives?
  • Dr Charlotte Rudman. Capturing Medieval London: Framing and Perspective

Find out more about each of the Fellows and their projects.