Thursday 18 June 2020

Minor Literatures

The latest in Modern Languages Open’s Special Collections series probes Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s much-debated notion of ‘minor literature’ in the context of contemporary Jewish writing by women writers situated within the German-language literary landscape, highlighting both new issues in German Jewish literature and culture and innovative approaches to the framework of ‘minor literature’.

Prepared as part of the OWRI ‘Cross-Language Dynamics: Reshaping Community’ project, funded by the AHRC, editors Godela Weiss-Sussex (Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London) and Maria Roca Lizarazu (University of Birmingham) have brought together essays on four important contemporary Jewish writers (Barbara Honigmann, Eva Menasse, Katja Petrowskaja and Sasha Marianna Salzmann), who come from different cultural, generational and linguistic backgrounds, but all centre on questions of Jewish identity and writing in their respective oeuvres.

Contributors: Myrto Aspioti, Anita Bunyan, Annette Bühler-Dietrich, Lena Ekelund, Sabine Egger, Robert Gillett, Maria Roca Lizarazu, Godela Weiss-Sussex

Articles are available on open access at