Tuesday 7 July 2020

Journal of Romance Studies

The papers given at the CCWW seminar entitled  ‘Disorderly Eating: Food and Disruption in Contemporary Women’s Writing’, held on 1 December 2017, have just appeared as a Special Issue of the Journal of Romance Studies (20.2).

Edited by Shirley Jordan and Judith Still, the volume makes the case for considering eating disorders in the wider context of ‘disorderly eating’, both as a sociological phenomenon and a recurrent literary concern, granted the importance of ordering and regulating food consumption for community cohesion. It is particularly concerned to ask what is, and what is not, specific about the contemporary late-capitalist period, which has seen such an explosion of eating disorders, in the context of ever more disorderly eating. It asks what can be learned from the elaboration of the disorderly preparing, serving, sharing, and eating of food specifically in contemporary women’s writing in French, Spanish, Engish, Italian, and German. 

The volume includes articles on gender roles, naming eating disorders, and on specific authors such as Marie Darrieussecq, Marie NDiaye and Gema del Prado Marugán.

Contributors: Heike Bartel, Francesca Calamita, Ruth Cruickshank, Sandra Daroczi, Shirley Jordan, Abigail Lee Six, and Judith Still.

'Disorderly Eating: Food and Disruption in Contemporary Women’s Writing' can be accessed online at https://online.liverpooluniversitypress.co.uk/toc/jrs/current.