Senate House Library and Libraries of the Institutes that constitute the School of Advanced Study represent some of London's most important research resources for arts, humanities and social sciences.

The Germanic Studies Library (formerly the Library of the Institute of Germanic Studies) and its Archives provide  a unique resource for researchers working in the field of German language and literature in their cultural context.

The collections comprising the Germanic Archives give a unique overview of the history and development of Germanic Studies in the UK and an insight into the contribution of German-speakers to the cultural life of this country.

The Latin American Studies Library (formerly the Library of the Institute of Latin American Studies) is an internationally renowned research collection for the study of South and Central America and the Caribbean. Its holdings combine the humanities and social sciences, with an emphasis on literature and film.

The Romance Collection spans the field of Romance literature and criticism, with resources for researchers available in French and Occitan; Spanish, Catalan and Galician; Italian; Portuguese; and Romanian.