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A round table, featuring the creators of A Thousand Words for Weather, including writer Jessica J. Lee with poets Izdihar Alodhami, Leo Boix, Iris Colomb, Marta Dziurosz, Nikhat Hoque, Ayça Turkoglu and sound artist Claudia Molitor.

Reflecting on our ability to share experiences across languages and media, the translators will discuss the process and meaning of translation not just between languages, but also between artforms, focussing on word, sound and space. This panel will put the creative contributors of A Thousand Words for Weather in a lively, in-person exchange for the first time, offering a rare opportunity to delve into how each sought to reimagine the weather words for their own language or medium.

You can book tickets to view the exhibition here.

This event is a collaboration between Artangel & SAS and SHL, organised by Jessica J Lee on behalf of the organisations. 

All welcome- This event is free to attend, but booking is required. It will be held in-person only.

Jessica Lee, British-Canadian-Taiwanese author and environmental historian; she is the author of two books on nature writing titled Turning (2017) and Two Trees Make a Forest (2019), for which she has received several awards. 

Claudia Molitor, composer, artist and improviser whose work hovers between music and sound art; recent large-scale work by the artist includes The Singing Bridge, installed at Somerset House and Waterloo Bridge during the Totally Thames festival (2016). 

Izdihar Alodhami (zoom), translator, interpreter, EFL and Arabic language teacher 

Leo Boix, bilingual Latinx poet, author of Ballad of a Happy Immigrant (2021) among many other works 

Iris Colomb, curator, editor, translator and interdisciplinary text artist, translating from French 

Marta Dziurosz (zoom), translator and writer, across Polish and English 

Nikhat Hoque, researcher, writer, and curious creative, with focus on South Asian culture 

Ayça Turkoglu, literary translator and writer, translating from German and Turkish