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Book Presentation and Conversation with Lois Hechenblaikner

This event presents an analysis of developments of and against the Freudian notion of the uncanny in Austrian culture of the new millennium, exploring texts, films and images that confront the repressed, the repeated and the ruptured, and a discussion of the uncanny techniques at work in Hechenblaikner’s visually stunning, thought-provoking images.

The event will be introduced by Andrea Capovilla (Ingeborg Bachmann Centre for Austrian Literature & Culture at the IMLR). Deborah Holmes (Salzburg/IMLR) will interview Heide Kunzelmann (Vienna) and Lyn Marven (Liverpool), guest editors of Uncanny Valleys. Austrian Literature and Film in the New Millennium (Austrian Studies, 29). This will be followed by a conversation between contributor Julia Secklehner (Brno) and acclaimed photographer Lois Hechenblaikner.

This event is hosted by the Ingeborg Bachmann Centre at the IMLR in conjunction with the Modern Humanities Research Association.

Participation free; advance online registration required. Booking closes 2 March 2022.