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13:00-14:00  Tour of the ‘A Thousand Words for Weather’ exhibit
15:00-17:00  Workshop

Facilitator: Debasish Lahiri

Open to poets, students, and those without any poetry writing experience, this is one of a series of three workshops that will explore the links between spirituality and ecopoetics. 

This workshop, led by the Indian poet and academic Debasish Lahiri, will begin with a tour of the A Thousand Words for Weather exhibit recently installed in Senate House Library. A collaboration with writer Jessica J Lee and sound artist Claudia Molitor, A Thousand Words for Weather offers a new multilingual ‘dictionary’ of words with their definitions to explore the role of translation and generate a shared language to describe our changing experience of climate and the environment.
The exhibit, along with other items and poems relating to weather and climate, will then serve as a prompt for the poetry writing workshop. 

Coffee, tea and biscuits will be served between the tour and workshop. 

Participants are also invited to the launch of Debasish Lahiri’s latest volume of poetry, Tether That Light, which will take place at 17:30 following this workshop. 

Debasish Lahiri is a poet and academic from Kolkata, India. His most recent collection of poetry, Tether That Light, documents how cultural memory, in the shape of Indian Miniature Paintings, flows from an immemorial legendary past to a contemporary politically striated present. The artefacts and the poems surrounding them offer proof of a living tradition that permeates every sphere of life, from the mundane to the spiritual. 

Part of a short series of poetry writing workshops on ecopoetics and spirituality, organised jointly by the IMLR and Senate House Library. It is generously supported by the University of London's Convocation Trust. 

11 October, 10am-12noon
Connect to Nature to Connect to Self  
11 October, 1-2pm (tour of the ‘A Thousand Words for Weather’ exhibit); 3-5pm (workshop)
Spirituality, Weather, and Ecopoetics: A Poetry Writing Workshop with Debasish Lahiri 
13 October, 11am-2pm 
The Environment and the Sacred in Modern American Poetry

All are welcome to attend these free workshops, registration in advance is required