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The environmental humanities represent a forward-looking, multi-disciplinary field addressing the socio-cultural dimensions of pressing environmental issues. These encompass resource depletion, toxic pollution, anthropogenic climate change, escalating extinctions, and the emergence of new pathogens, all entangled with various forms of environmental injustice. Through fostering dialogue across arts, humanities, social, and natural sciences, the environmental humanities scrutinise cultural assumptions, attitudes, and values that inform and are informed by human interactions with the environment. This critical examination serves as a catalyst for transformative change in research agendas and wider society and it has informed the development of the Multidisciplinary Environmental Studies in the Humanities (MESH) initiative at the University of Cologne.

Join us for an engaging discussion with Professor Rigby, Director of MESH and Alexander von Humboldt Professor for Environmental Humanities, whose visionary leadership has propelled MESH into a dynamic hub of interdisciplinary exploration, breaking down traditional academic boundaries and fostering a vibrant intellectual community. Professor Rigby’s dedication has not only enriched the academic landscape but has also led to significant strides in emerging topics and new directions within Environmental Humanities particularly in relation to MESH’s three main research themes: decolonial cultural ecologies, multispecies conviviality, and disaster preparedness. We invite you to join us for a profound discussion on the pivotal role of MESH in shaping the discourse on humanities and the environment.

Part of the Critical Conversations in The Environmental Humanities series from the Environmental Humanities Research Hub. 

This event will be held online. Please register to receive a Zoom link.