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'In my grandmother’s house, no Yiddish was spoken, nor klezmer music was heard. The first time I heard klezmer music was upon my arrival to Germany, where I was also asked, for the first time in my life, if I was Jewish….'
In this mixed-media performance using the body, fabrics, organic fluids and found materials, Liraz analyses her embodied relation to her maternal ancestors. In contexts of loss and trauma, how do Mother Tongue(s) and Mother’s Milk relate to the erasure and revival of knowledge and (post)memory? Taking a critical perspective and tracing a multitude of belongings, ‘Mother Tongues’ explores meanings of Jewish identities in contrast to national structures and ideas. 
Adi Liraz is an interdisciplinary artist currently working between Berlin, Germany, and Ioannina, Greece. In her work, she aims to remanufacture the concepts of home & belonging beyond the national, the hegemonic, and the patriarchal. 

Attendance free; advance online registration essential. 

This event is sponsored by King's College London and organised in conjunction with the conference Postmigrant Reconfigurations (5-7 July 2023), for which separate registration is required. 

Image: Adi Liraz (photo taken by the artist herself)