The aim of this scheme is to support interdisciplinary research outside London and where institutional structures may be limited. The scheme is intended to support initiatives that provide a major contribution to the development of Languages, Cultures and Societies as a disciplinary field.  

Applicants can apply for a maximum of £2,000.

The closing date for the call for applications in respect of events to be held between 1 September 2024 and 30 June 2025 is 8 April 2024.

Further details / how to apply [PDF]

2023 Competition Winners

Simona Dr Martino and Anna Gasperini: ‘Seen and Heard: Voices of Transnational Girlhood(s) on Identity, Gender, and Culture’ (Warwick)

Caroline Summers, Ian Ellison and Arianna Autier: ‘Afterlives of an Essay: 100 Years of Benjamin’s Task of the Translator’ (Warwick)

Kaveh Abbasian, Tobias Heinrich and Alex Marlow-Mann: ‘Migrant Voices in Contemporary European Filmmaking’ (Kent)

Geraldine Lublin, Federico López Terra and James Robert Turner: ‘From and for Wales: New Ways of Thinking Shaping Modern Languages Research’ (Swansea)

2022 Competition Winners

Stephan Petzold, Anna Saunders and Caroline Summers:  ‘"Wende ohne Ende"? Representing the East German Revolution and Transformation Years’ (Leeds)

Clara Garavelli, Emma Staniland and Isobel T. Webster: ‘Latinx Studies in the UK’ (Leicester)

Jessica Goodman, Simon Park, Marine Roussillon, Gemma Tidman and Kate Tunstall: ‘What does literature do?: Rencontres autour de Alain Viala’ (Oxford)

2021 Competition Winners

Mara Fuertes Gutiérrez and Rosina Márquez-Reiter: ‘Diversity and social justice in language teaching and learning: bringing theory and practice together’ (Open University)

Rebecca Irons and Katie Brown: 'Venezuela, Dispersed: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Venezuelan Migration and the Diaspora’ (Exeter)

Helena Miguélez-Carballeira and Maite Usoz de la Fuente: ‘Poetics of the Sayable: Framing Crisis and Conflict in Contemporary Spain’ (Bangor)

2020 Competition Winners

Derek Duncan and Ramsey McGlazer: ‘Queer Epistemicides’ (St Andrews)

Tom Smith: ‘Words, Musics and Marginalisation’ (St Andrews)

Steven Wilson and Hannah Grayson: ‘Languages of Disease in the Contemporary Francophone World’ (Stirling)

2019 Competition Winners

Martin Hurcombe: ‘Telling the Story of Sport: Narrating Sport in a Global Context’ (Bristol)

Anja Louis and Abigail Loxham: ‘Gender and Transnational TV’ (Sheffield Hallam, Liverpool)

Rosalind Silvester: ‘Sino-French Synergies: The Value of Transcultural Creativity’ (QUB)

2018 Competition Winners

Claire Gorrara and Tom Albeson: 'Photography and the Languages of Reconstruction after the Second World War, 1944-49' (Cardiff)

Lisa Shaw, Alan Rice and Adjoa Osei: 'Gender, "Race" and Performance: re-visiting the Black Atlantic' (Liverpool)

Sami Everett and Rebekah Vince: 'Jewish-Muslim Relations in Performance Culture across the Maghreb and France' (Cambridge)

2017 Competition Winners

Dr Rui Miranda (Nottingham): “Post-Conflict Reconstructions: Latin American Democracies in Transition" (March 2018)

Professor Bill Marshall, Professor David Murphy, Professor Elizabeth Ezra, Dr Cristina Johnston (Stirling): "Cinéma-monde: Film, Borders, Translation" (Jan/Feb 2018)

Dr Dunja Fehimović (Newcastle): "Decentred/dissenting connections: Envisioning Caribbean film and visual cultures" (June 2018)