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What does it mean to be human anyway? This is one of the questions we will be asking as we step into the strange yet familiar worlds created by award-winning German graphic novelist and cartoonist, Olivia Vieweg.

Centre stage will be Vieweg's graphic novel, Endzeit, adapted into the cult film of the same name in 2018. Celebrated as one of the first feminist zombie films, and a satire (in part) on European attitudes towards migrants, both it and its source text raise trenchant questions about our humanity and our relationships both with nature and our many 'Others'. In a combined reading and workshop, Vieweg will introduce us to her work and offer unique insights into the process of creating a graphic novel. We will learn how her ideas and characters come to life, and how they jostle alongside each other in a visual narrative.  

The workshop will be held in German, although questions in English are welcome. Participation is open to all, in particular anyone with an interest in German literature, comic and graphic novel enthusiasts, and 'A'-Level as well as university students of German. Advance online booking essential.  

The event is generously sponsored by the University of London John Coffin Trust and the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD). 

Images of the author and the back cover of Endzeit are provided by the author.