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This seminar has been postponed. New date available shortly. 

Speaker: Jennifer Taylor (Research Centre for German & Austrian Exile Studies)

In July 2021 Andreas Mytze died in London, where he had lived since the mid-1980s. Based on his extensive archive as well as his published material this talk offers an assessment of his contribution to Exile Literature and Exile Studies in the various areas in which he was active. As a seller of second-hand books, he sourced exile literature, completed, circulated and published lists of this stock, much of it rare and difficult to obtain. As a publisher he redressed this deficiency by re-publishing rare or forgotten works of exiled authors and offering contemporary authors, particularly those living in Great Britain, an opportunity to place material which held little attraction for conventional publishing houses. Finally, as editor of the journal europäische ideen,he used his skills as an investigative journalist to source and publish documents and correspondence which shed light on the circumstances surrounding the composition of works in exile.