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CLACS Caribbean Studies Seminar Series actively promotes intellectual engagement and knowledge exchange by providing scholars - including postgraduate students and early career researchers - with the opportunity to present their interdisciplinary, comparative and integrated research on the Caribbean.

Writing, Reading, Sounding, Painting: Humans and Nonhumans in Caribbean Neo-slave Narratives

Speaker: Renée Landell (ILCS Practitioner in Residence, SAS) 

Thinking across species in the context of slavery in the Caribbean can help to engage the historically embodied reality of being Black in a shared, oppressive world. The talk begins with a summary of my PhD research, which explores how anglophone Caribbean neo-slave narratives rewrite Black humanity and the nonhuman world against controlling anti-Black images. It will examine how this decolonial ecocritical reading has revealed hidden histories of interspecies violence and resistance during slavery in a distinctly Caribbean context. Reflecting on the ways I have sought to deepen and disrupt my own typical methods of engaging with neo-slave narratives, this talk examines how my thesis has evolved into visual and auditory art within my current role as a creative practitioner in residence at ILCS. I will reflect on my process and progress in creating two large-scale visual art pieces and soundscapes as ways of animating my own literary analysis of two Caribbean neo-slave poems. In doing so, I seek to highlight how a multi-sensory experience of Caribbean neo-slave narratives can provide a powerful tool for examining the limitations and possibilities of written literature in re-presenting the intimacies and enigmas of embodied contact with our complicated world. 

Renée Landell is a Creative Practitioner at ILCS, School of Advanced Study. She has recently finished writing up her PhD thesis which undertakes decolonial ecocritical approaches to Anglophone Caribbean neo-slave narratives. Alongside her research, Renée works as the founding director of Beyond Margins UK, a racial justice and equity movement, and as co-founder of Black in Arts and Humanities, a global online network of Black scholars and practitioners. She is also a writer represented by the leading international literary agency, Andrew Nurnberg Associates, and has appeared on Al Jazeera News, BBC News and CBS (Canada) as a commentator, and more recently in the BBC 2 documentary 'David Harewood on Blackface' as an on-screen historian.

Seminar Programme
Autumn term
10 October 2023
7 November 2023  
5 December 2023            
Spring term

Eve Hayes de Kalaf (IHR) and Jack Webb (Manchester)

The Caribbean Studies Seminar Series is organised by the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) in collaboration with Race, Roots and Resistance (University of Manchester)

All are welcome to attend this free seminar, which will be held online via Zoom at 16:00 GMT. You will need to register in advance to receive the online joining link. Please click on the Book Now button at the top of the page to register.

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