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CLACS Caribbean Studies Seminar Series actively promotes intellectual engagement and knowledge exchange by providing scholars - including postgraduate students and early career researchers - with the opportunity to present their interdisciplinary, comparative and integrated research on the Caribbean.

Part of Black History Month programme of events

Caribbean Collection for the Future?

Speaker: Amara Thornton (Institute of Classical Studies, SAS) 

Over the late 19th and early 20th centuries the number of artefacts in the British Museum from the Caribbean increased. By the early 20th century they were on display in the Museum’s “American Room”.  Today, the majority of these artefacts are not on display. Historic documentation of archaeological collecting in the Caribbean offers valuable insights for the (re)interpretation of Caribbean artefacts now held in museums in the UK.  How can these insights be made accessible to Caribbean diaspora communities in Britain today? This presentation will present some Caribbean collecting histories and discuss two projects that have used historic documentation to generate new ideas for contextualising, interpreting and displaying museum holdings of Caribbean artefacts.

Dr Amara Thornton is a historian of archaeology. She is currently a Research Fellow at the Institute of Classical Studies and a Co-Investigator on the 3-year AHRC funded project “Beyond Notability: Re-Evaluating Women’s Work in Archaeology, History and Heritage 1870-1950”. Recently, she led a Knowledge Exchange project, “Animating Caribbean Collections at the British Museum”, working with two creative practitioners and British Museum staff. 

This seminar will not be recorded but an earlier presentation on this subject is available to watch online.

Seminar Programme
Autumn term
10 October 2023
7 November 2023  
5 December 2023            
Spring term

Eve Hayes de Kalaf (IHR) and Jack Webb (Manchester)

The Caribbean Studies Seminar Series is organised by the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) in collaboration with Race, Roots and Resistance (University of Manchester)

All are welcome to attend this free seminar, which will be held online via Zoom at 16:00 BST. You will need to register in advance to receive the online joining link. Please click on the Book Now button at the top of the page to register.

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