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The National Postgraduate Colloquium in German Studies is a biannual event organised in association with the Institute of Languages, Cultures and Societies (ILCS- formerly IMLR) at the University of London. Launched in 1987, it provides an informal and friendly forum for graduate students in all areas of German Studies to present and discuss their current research. It is a measure of its success that the Colloquium now routinely attracts students from universities in mainland Europe and North America. 
Offers of papers from graduate students working on any aspect of German Studies, including all periods of literature, the arts, social sciences, history, and linguistics are invited for the 74th meeting which will be held in person at the University of London Senate House. 
A general knowledge of German culture and language can be assumed, though not a specialised knowledge of individual topics. Presentations, no longer than twenty minutes in length, should be targeted to the occasion and make use of appropriate media. Papers may be given in English or German. Papers are grouped by subject matter into panels, given back to back with discussion of all papers at the end of the panel.
If you would like to contribute a paper, please send an abstract of not more than 500 words to the organisers, c/o The abstract must include the following information as part of the same file (in either MS Word or pdf format, not just as part of the covering email): 
●Your name
●Your email address
●Your contact telephone number 
●The name of the institution at which you are registered 
●A 150-word biography which will be used for the speaker’s introduction
●Abstracts should be sent by email to of papers must be received by 28 February 2024.
The Colloquium is organised by a committee in association with the Institute of Languages, Cultures and Societies. Current members are: Lauren Cuthbert (Aberdeen); Lea Heim (ILCS/European University Viadrina); Pauline Preisler (St Andrews/Bonn); Monja Stahlberger (ILCS, London), and Katie Unwin (Cambridge).

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