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Roberto Filippi is giving a talk at Sial School, Holland Park: The Importance of Bilingual Education: An Investment in our Children’s Future

Bridging Educational Sciences with Practice in Education – Online Seminar Series

•             19/10/2021 – Professor Li Wei - Dean and Director of UCL Institute of Education

•             16/11/2021 – Professor Michael Thomas – Director of the Centre for Educational Neuroscience (Birkbeck/UCL)

•             07/12/2021 – Professor Julie Dockrell – Director of the Centre for Language, Literacy and Numeracy (UCL Institute of Education)

•             18/01/2022 – Professor Antonella Sorace – Director of Bilingualism Matters (University of Edinburgh)

•             22/02/2022 – Professor Dagmara Dimitriou - Director of the Sleep, Research and Education Lab (UCL Institute of Education)

•             22/03/2022 – Dr Laura Crane – Deputy Director of the Centre for Research in Autism and Education (UCL Institute of Education)

•             26/04/2022 – Professor Victoria Murphy – Chair of the National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum (University of Oxford)

•             17/05/2022 – Dr Zachary Walker – Head of the Department of Psychology and Human Development (UCL Institute of Education)

•             21/06/2022 – Dr Jo Van Herwegen – Head of Research – Department of Psychology and Human Development (UCL Institute of Education)

•             12/07/2022 – Professor Ianthi Tsimpli – Chair of English and Applied Linguistics (Cambridge University)

All talks will be on Zoom, from 18:00 to 19:00.  Registration and further information at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bridging-educational-sciences-with-practice-in-education-tickets-169625282787


28 May 2021
Dr Roberto Filippi is organising a one-day workshop open to academics, students, educators and the general public, titled: 'Multilinguistic diversity: impact for education, health and society'. Keynote speakers will be Professor Antonella Sorace (Bilingualism Matters Director), Professor Li Wei, Dr Petros Karatsareas and Dr Roberto Filippi (Bilingualism Matters London Co-Directors), Professor Michael Thomas (Director of the Birkbeck/UCL Centre for Educational Neuroscience), Professor Chloe Marshall (UCL – Institute of Education), Professor Peter Bright (Director of the Brain and Cognition Lab at Anglia Ruskin University), and Dr Yarden Kedar (Head of the Department of Early Child Education at Beit Berl College, Israel). More information about the venue will be available soon.

20 January 2021
Roberto Filippi is giving a talk titled: ‘The science behind multilanguage acquisition across the lifespan’ at FOCUS (postponed from 15 March 2020).

28 November 2020
Petros Karatsareas will be talking about 'Community education in times of (im)mobility: the case of Greek complementary schools in the UK' at the national teacher training event of the Association of German Saturday Schools UK https://www.germansaturdayschools.co.uk/events.

12 June 2020 - Postponed
Roberto Filippi is organising a one-day workshop titled: ‘Multilinguistic diversity: Impact for education, health and society’, venue tbc. Antonella Sorace will be presenting a paper.

26-27 March 2020 - Postponed
Li Wei will be presenting a paper at the Learned Society of Wales’ language symposium, 'Through the language prism', at the Temple of Peace, Cardiff. The paper will be on the theme of ‘Language and thought: Exploring ideas about language and its impact on identity and belonging’.

15 March 2020 - Postponed
Roberto Filippi is giving a talk titled: ‘It’s never too late: The science behind multilanguage acquisition across the lifespan’ at FOCUS 

5 March 2020
Roberto Filippi will give a talk titled: ‘The effects of early multilanguage acquisition on cognitive development’ at the Casa Montessori Richmond, Bilingual Nursery and Preschool

14 January 2020
Roberto Filippi delivers a lecture at the EIFA International School, London, exploring some of the most exciting scientific findings in multi-language acquisition          

15-17 November 2019               
Bilingualism Matters at the Language Show, Olympia, for information on the Bilingualism Matters international network and on the latest research on bilingualism & language learning

1 November 2019        
Bilingualism Matters London Launch Event at the University of London, with Antonella Sorace (Edinburgh), Roberto Filippi (UCL), Petros Karatsareas (Westminster), Li Wei (UCL)  and Catherine Davies (IMLR, London)